About Us

We Know Baby Boomers


Why do we know so much about baby boomers? Well, to start with, most of us that work at Think to Link are baby boomers ourselves. Now that alone doesn't make us experts but given we have been researching and working in the baby boomer space for over five years now actually does. But what really makes what we offer special, is our background in strategic planning, business transformation and social media. This unique combination of skills tied together with our understanding of the baby boomer demographic can help you discover and leverage opportunities that other organizations may not even realize are out there.

Why Work With Us?


At Think to Link, we pride ourselves on being a boutique style consulting firm that provides customized solutions based on our Client's specific needs. You won't find any cookie cutter approaches here. Of course we leverage our proven frameworks but we then modify them to meet our Client's specific needs and requirements. This way we can ensure that you will achieve the results that you are looking for.

Meet Susan Williams

Susan Williams - President of Think to Link Inc.

Susan Williams is the President of Think to Link Inc. For over 28 years, Susan held senior leader and executive positions in a number of large corporations in which she successfully developed and led innovative strategies for major business transformation projects. Seven years ago, Susan launched Think to Link Inc. and provided consulting services to businesses. She also created Booming Encore, a digital media hub for baby boomers that is recognized as a social media influencer and expert for baby boomers, aging and retirement. She now shares this unique combination of knowledge and experience with her Clients to help them see what is possible.